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Label holder 

Acrylic easel label holder is an extremely important marketing tool. On the label you can place the product name, its price, the producing country or useful information such as: product description, use instructions or other technical information. The label must be readable, allowing potential buyers to make their good choice. The label holder protects the label from dirt, degradation and dust, and gives it a pleasant visual appearance. The label holder is an effective tool for sales.
Order the name racks you can by email.

PLASTIKS s.r.o. realize the custom made label holder : color, logo and shape of your choice. Usually it’s made from Plexiglas. It is a safe and strong material. Today it’s the best solution to protect your label and bring attention on your product.
Glass or wood shelf labels for a glass shelf and chipboard surface are often used in large retailers or retail outlets. The Easel holds the clip and raised hanging label for a glass shelf that attaches very easily to the surface, is very functional, and can also move easily.
The shelf holders for glass shelves or wood shelves are used for fixing on shelves in chipboard and as there is no rigid fixing, the Easel holder with clamping and raised label moves very easily. Our company produces Label holders for glass or wood shelves, label holders for any wood surfaces.
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