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The easel 2 side displays are often used in the retail, hotels and during press conferences. It's presenti the information on both sides. In addition, double-sided stands are indispensable at conferences, to display the participant's name and company. Easel displays are also convenient on a receiving counter to indicate important information in two languages ​​eg, Alu Customer Next Splitter. If you need to realize name bridge, we can do it according to your specific requirements, realize name bridge in all shapes, sizes and quantities desired.

Glass Shelf Support

Glass Shelf Support is the most accessible and universal marketing tool to bring the necessary information to customers and buyers. Plastic supports are used in all spheres of activity. Glass shelf stands are distinguished by their different shapes, sizes and colors. in general the material used for their manufacture is organic glass or plexiglass or acrylic. This material do have the possibilities of design. Plastic supports are used by the personal in a banks, hospitals and companies.

Separator bar for customers. Separator bar. Separator bar next purchase.

The customer separator bars are used to separate the products on the rolling carpet. They are made of white plastic with the inscription "customer following" in red. The situations where a cashier mistakenly seizes the next customer's products because they are not separated from those of the previous customer on the cashier are frequent. To avoid its unpleasant situations and to save time you have to equip yourself with cash drawer dividers. If you do not already have one, you can order these cash separating bars : contact us by email. On these cash separating bars that are used to separate purchases on cash mats can be placed advertising information, logos, etc. These graphic images are made using advanced technologies.

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