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Price or label tag holder is an important marketing tool in a store or other retail area. We propose You a transparent plastic label holders harmoniously matched with the showcases. Our label ou price tag holders are adapted for all commercial equipment and product groups.

The label holders are very practical for refrigerated stalls or over-loaded countertops (those where there is no place to fix the label holders). This type of label holder attachebles  to a specific wire. The pin holder is also convenient for metal racks or baskets.
The label holder pins is used in large retail group like small shops. Hanging label holders for U-type hooks are often used in hypermarkets and are most often located next to crates on special equipment. The label holder with hook is also often used in the box area and is very convenient. The hanger holder is attached to the bottles and used to display the price in the store. Our company can produce these pin labels in a different shapes, sizes and types. For this type of article, the material used is very resistant, which allows to increase the duration   and will make the economy for you on your next purchase. The company Plastiks s.r.o. uses the best laser equipment, which allows to produce high-quality articles from different materials. You can buy our products Anywhere in Europ. Order label holder by emai.

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