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How to order?

In order to buy products on our website, you can call us or send an e-mail.
Please specify in your query:
- Name and code of the product
- Quantity
- If there is a logo - send us logo or describe it as fully as possible (number of colors, the presence of white color, size and its position)
- Any other requirements that you may have

We draw your attention to the fact that:
- We do not accept orders less than 70 Euro (shipping cost not included).
- The prices on our website are valid for quantities from 10 pcs.
- If you are interested in a bigger number of products, we will gladly give you a discount.

You can make payment for your order in following ways:
- Bank transfer

The prices shown on our website is not a commercial offer. We reserve the right to change prices without notice.
The exchange rate of currency on the website, is variable.
We advice you to confirm price with our managers.

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